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PermissionResearch is a subsidiary of comScore Inc, one of the largest US internet analytics company.

Founded in 1999 in Reston, Virginia, comScore provides marketing data for publishers, agencies and some of the largest companies.

In 2012, comScore was ranked 11th among marketing research firms operating in the US, just a few places after the well-known Gfk and NPD groups (in 7th and 9th place respectively).

PermissionResearch is a research panel that gathers information about we view and interact with internet content. To do so, in addition to sending you surveys, it will require you to install a research software on your computer.

By running the software and completing surveys, you will have the opportunity to be rewarded with sweepstakes entries, cash or gift cards.

Users ratings:
Overall experience:étoileétoileétoileétoileétoile
Ease of registration:étoileétoileétoileétoileétoile
Recommended by 78% of users
Users ratings:
Overall experience:étoileétoileétoileétoileétoileEase of registration:étoileétoileétoileétoileétoile
Recommended by 78% of users

Registration and software installation

The first step is to accept the "Terms & Conditions of Use" which explain, among other things how the software operates. If you agree, you will be asked to create your member profile (As always: name, email address, birthdate, etc.). Next, you will be provided with instructions for installation of the PermisssionResearch Software. It won't take more than 1 minute.

Finally, you'll need to provide some additional information about your household and you're done! 8-)

Once you complete your registration, PermissionResearch will donate a tree as part of the "Trees for the future" program, of which comScore is a partner. In addition, you'll earn a ticket for the "Your Opinion Matters" sweepstakes.

Monthly Grand Prize, Year-End Grand Prize and Bonus Grand Prize

Registration to PermissionResearch will give you one entry for the sweepstakes. You can also earn a ticket when you are answering a survey.

Each month, one Monthly Grand Prize winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries received the previous month to earn a $100 Prize.

A $100 Year-End Grand Prize winner will also be selected among all entries received during the year.

Both Monthly and Year-End Grand Prize winners will have the opportunity to convert their Prize into a Bonus Prize by playing an online game ("Hunt for the Money"). They will have 1 chance out of 1,500 to win the $100,000 maximum gain.

When you participate in surveys, you will also sometimes be directly rewarded with cash or a gift card. :) this software safe?

Well, the research software installed on your computer does exactly what's described in the "Terms & Conditions of Use", which you can read during the first step of your registration: it collects data when you are using your computer and internet.

The difference between this software and a malware/spyware is that you have agreed to be watched, and that you earn rewards for this! In addition, this software does not collect any sensitive information and collected data is used in an anonymous manner. Again, we encourage you to read the "Terms & Conditions of Use" carefully to know exactly what this software is doing.

Some people do not like the idea of being "watched" when they use their computer, while others don't care and enjoy being rewarded for the information they provide. You make your choice!

One last thing: people sometimes complain that this software is recognized as a spyware/malware :ninja: by their antivirus and are afraid of that. In fact, the antivirus simply doesn't know that they agreed to install the software -- the antivirus is doing its job but doesn't know that you WANT to be watched. In order to avoid this kind of false positive alert, Permissionresearch has registered their software in the Goodware Ressource and Information Database (GRID) promoted by TRENDmicro (one of the leading brand of antivirus).

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Recommended by 78% of users
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